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Published articles by Danahy and Murray

Beware of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation’s “Generous” Appraisal Offer

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation announced this week that it wants to expedite settlement of approximately 6,500 pending Hurricane Irma claims. In order to do this, Citizens is offering to pay for the costs of appraisal of these claims, including the cost of the umpire, if the parties cannot come to an agreement over valuation of the claim. This differs from the language of most Citizens’ policies, which require each party to pay for their own appraiser and split the cost...
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Top Florida Insurance Firm and Northwest Litigation Firm Partner to Help Victims of Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael hit the Florida panhandle on October 10, 2018 as a Category 4 – the strongest hurricane to make landfall in the continental US since 1992. The total estimate of insured losses has reached $3.4 Billion and 125,356 insurance claims have already been filed. According to a recent report, less than 60% of them have been closed. What’s more shocking is the number of consumer complaints against insurance companies since Hurricane Michael hit. More than 100 consumer complaints were...
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What Is A Business Interruption Or Extra Expense Claim And Can I file One?

After a disaster like Hurricane Michael, most business owners know the importance of promptly notifying their insurance companies to report physical damage to their storefronts, offices, warehouse, hotels, gas stations, restaurants, rental properties, or other business property. At this time, business owners usually make a claim for damaged or destroyed business personal property as well. Depending on your policy, this includes losses to inventory, computer equipment, office furniture and furnishings, medical equipment, merchandise, supplies, etc. However, many business owners do...
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Property Insurance Claim: Signs Of Bad Faith

You pay your insurance company for peace of mind. If a hurricane, fire, water loss, or other disaster damages your home or business, it is reasonable to expect your insurance company will promptly pay any and all damages covered by your policy. Unfortunately, in some instances, obtaining the recovery to which you are entitled is not always straightforward. When an insurer unreasonably refuses to investigate or pay your covered claim, they may be operating in bad faith. Insurance Company’s Obligations...
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Hurricane Insurance Claims: 5 Things To Know About Homeowners Insurance

Natural disasters like Hurricane Michael are a stark reminder to all homeowners that what you don’t know about your insurance policy can hurt you when it’s time file an insurance claim for damages. If you must file a claim for your damages, here is what you need to know. 1.Homeowners insurance typically covers four main categories of damage A standard homeowners policy provides protection for 1) your dwelling (the structure of the home); 2) detached structures (like a shed or...
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Florida Residents Should Be Cautious Of Hurricane Insurance Claim Adjusters

Thousands of people were forced to evacuate and thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed by Hurricane Michael which made landfall on October 10, 2018. Insurance claims are pouring in as policyholders try to restore their homes, properties, businesses, and lives. In order to handleall the expected claims, insurance companies hire and rely on independent adjusters to adjust the huge influx of catastrophic claims. Far too often, inexperienced and over worked adjusters provide incorrect estimates that result in underpayment or...
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