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Published articles by Danahy and Murray

Another Verdict against Florida Peninsula

Attorneys Matt Danahy & Howard Weber obtained a winning verdict against Florida Peninsula Insurance Company. After a week-long trial, and despite Florida Peninsula’s use of numerous, high priced professional experts, a jury in Punta Gorda determined that Florida Peninsula breached its contract of insurance when it improperly denied its insureds claim for insurance benefits. Based upon the verdict, our clients are entitled to receive the insurance benefits necessary to repair their home. And because our clients were successful in their...
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Filing a Complaint Against Your Insurance Company in the State of Florida

When you are frustrated, upset or angry that the insurance company you paid premiums to denies your claim, you may first think that the place to go for justice is to State government. After all, the State regulates insurance companies, right? Take it right to the top. To the Insurance Commissioner! You’ll show the insurance company that you aren’t going away quietly in the night, tail between your legs. First off, there is no “Department of Insurance” in Florida. In...
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Preparing your home for Hurricane Matthew

In the late night hours on October 6th 2016, Hurricane Matthew began its landfall in Florida, causing damage to countless homes and business, and wreaking havoc throughout the State. While Floridians are not strangers to extreme weather, major hurricanes like Matthew represent a rare, catastrophic event that few communities can withstand. In this blog, we take a look at what each household can do to prepare for these storms, document any damage, and prepare themselves for a successful storm damage...
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Attorneys Murray and Weber secure victory in trial

Danahy & Murray, P.A. is proud to announce that Attorneys David Murray and Howard Weber have secured a trial victory for two clients who were the victims of bad faith by their insurance provider. After a week-long trial, a jury determined that the plaintiffs were indeed owed coverage from Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. The clients came to our firm after sustaining damage to their home. They filed a claim with Citizens Property Insurance Corporation—only to be told that the circumstances...
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When is your sworn Proof of Loss due?

Hurricane Herminie was the first hurricane to hit Florida in more than a decade. On September 2, 2016 Herminie came inland southeast of Tallahassee with heavy rain, 80 mph winds and flooding. Insurance companies in Florida are getting thousands of damage claims from Florida property owners who purchased insurance policies to protect them from such losses. You should know that your insurance policy is a legal contract, with detailed and specific terms and conditions which must be followed in order...
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How National Flood Adjusters do their job

With the horrible and tragic flooding that is happening in Louisiana and throughout the Gulf coast, a number of people will likely be visited by a National Flood Adjuster who claims that they will fight to get these victims as much money as possible. However, this comforting speech is far from completely honest, as these adjusters are prone to writing estimates that are significantly less than what is actually needed or owed. How Adjusters are Paid Knowing how these adjusters...
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