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Published articles by Danahy and Murray

Florida’s “Prompt Payment Statute”

Everyone knows claims made to healthcare insurance companies can take a long time to actually materialize into payment—which can create a big financial burden in the time between when you need the money you are owed and when you actually receive it. Florida statute 627.6131, otherwise known as the “Prompt Pay Statute,” requires insurance companies to make decisions and pay out on claims quickly. The timeframe created by this legislation depends on how the claim was received, either electronically or...
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Weather-Related Home Insurance Claims in Tampa

The Tampa area is no stranger to some of the unique weather patterns typical for the state of Florida. Thanks to our unique location near the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, Tampa sees a lot of extreme weather, including hurricanes, thunderstorms, and even severe flooding. When this extreme weather hits, it’s important to not only make sure your home is prepared to withstand it but to make sure your insurance is fit to assist you...
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Filing Insurance Bad Faith Claim

What do you do when an insurance provider does not properly handle your claim? This mishandling can happen in a number of ways. Your claim may have been denied outright due to a poor or otherwise improper investigation of your claim, leading to an unfair decision by the insurance company. Or your insurance company may refuse to fight for you and instead is holding you responsible for any liability you may be facing. In either case, United States law holds...
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Danahy and Murray Secure Victory for Homeowners

After a week of trial, a Seminole County jury delivered a verdict for Danahy & Murray clients against their homeowner’s insurance company, First Community Ins. Co. (of the Bankers Insurance Group). The jury agreed that the clients’ property and home were damaged by sinkhole activity. This was despite the fact that the insurance company’s experts and the “State Neutral Evaluator” (appointed by the State of Florida Department of Financial Services) testified that sinkhole activity was not present on the property....
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Dealing with Insurance Companies

If you’re currently in looking for a new insurance policy or making a claim on an existing policy, it’s important to know how to protect yourself in the event that a dispute arises. Unfortunately, some companies view insurance as a business and will prioritize making a profit over your best interests, which can result in you being shortchanged in a settlement. In this blog, we share how to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself when dealing with insurance companies:...
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Trial Verdict against Tower Hill Prime Insurance

For the past four years, our clients have had to battle with their insurance carrier, Tower Hill Prime Insurance Company, to reverse an improper initial claim denial decision and obtain insurance benefits which they believed they were entitled to under their policy. Time and time again, Tower Hill refuses to provide proper claims decisions and claims assistance. Attorney David Murray and Howard Weber were able to obtain justice for our clients at trial in August in Polk County. In the...
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