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Hurricane Damage

Our dedicated and experienced team at Danahy & Murray know that receiving storm damage relief can mean the difference between having a roof over one’s head and being unable to reside in one’s own home.
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Hurricane Damage

As residents of Florida know, enjoying the sunshine and tropical climate of our state also means being exposed to brutal storm conditions. Hurricanes and tropical storms, very dangerous and destructive weather events, are a reality for Floridians. This is why so many of us have elected to buy insurance to cover any weather caused damage to our property. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always honor their financial obligations under these policies, by failing to properly assess the extent or scope of the damage and to pay the proper amount of insurance benefits to insureds. When this happens, residents are left with repairs they can’t afford.

Help for Underpaid & Denied Hurricane Insurance Claims

Our dedicated and experienced team at Danahy & Murray know that receiving storm damage relief can mean the difference between having a roof over one’s head and being unable to reside in one’s own home. The effective Florida insurance claim attorneys at our firm have recovered more than $127 million for clients who have been wronged by their insurance company’s improper denial of insurance coverage or underpayment of insurance benefits owed. The Danahy & Murray, P.A. professionals are ready to help with your storm damage claim, from helping you determine what coverage is available under your policy, what terms and conditions you must comply with in order to preserve your right to insurance benefits, and what benefits are owed to you. We ensure that your insurance company is held accountable to provide you the coverage that you are owed and for which you paid.

It’s hard to predict how any business, building, home, condominium unit or any other structure will hold up to a storm. When damage does occur and a claim needs to be filed, many policyholders are unsure how to proceed and best demonstrate that they are owed coverage.

If your property has been damaged by a storm:

  1. Immediately report the claim to your insurance company.
  2. Take any possible steps to protect your property from further storm damage.
  3. Document all existing damage with photos and/or video.
  4. Make a written inventory of all damages
  5. Keep a file for any documents or information regarding your claim.
  6. Make and keep copies of all documents sent to you by your insurance company.
  7. Save all receipts for expenses related to the damage/repairs
  8. Keep a written log or journal of all communications with your insurance company or adjuster.

If you are then notified that your claim has been denied (or you that you will receive significantly less money than needed), it is time to contact legal representation. These companies make their profits from the peace of mind they sell their policyholders and then protect that profit by denying or minimizing the claims of those same customers.

Why Choose Danahy & Murray, P.A. for Your Hurricane Claim?

Our Florida property insurance lawyers have handled countless insurance claim cases all over the state for more than 25 years. We are not a general, “do all” law firm, but rather one that has specialized in
property insurance claims. Our experience in property insurance has allowed us to successfully resolve our client’s disputed coverage and valuation claims. You’ll need lawyers who know how to read your policy, and to offer you accurate advice to be successful in your claim or coverage dispute.

We know that our clients are facing enormous financial hardship due to these storms. That is why, in many cases, we work on a contingency-fee basis: we charge the client nothing, no costs or fees, unless and until we recover
denied or disputed insurance coverage benefits. Furthermore, Florida law in many cases allows us to seek legal fees directly from the insurance company, over and above the insurance coverage benefits we obtain for our clients.

Whether you are getting ready to make your claim for damage, or have already reported your claim, contacting Danahy & Murray could help you avoid forfeiting insurance coverage rightfully yours, or accepting less than what you are owed for all your insured losses.

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