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Published articles by Danahy and Murray

Property Damage Insurance Claims Process: Know Your Rights

Your home is probably one of your most valuable assets. You’ve invested heavily in a place that’s more than just shelter; it holds memories and precious belongings. When the unexpected occurs, you expect your property insurance to come through in your time of need. Unfortunately, the property damage insurance claims process can be lengthy, complicated and frustrating. Let’s take a closer look at your rights as a homeowner and what to do when an insurance company violates those rights.

Is Your Hurricane Michael Claim Resolved?

This week marks the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Michael. Many businesses and homeowners are still working to recover from the devastation left by the Category 5 storm. You might have filed one or more of the many types of property insurance claims to recover from your losses. Or you might have been focused on recovery efforts and under the impression that you have three years to file a claim or file a lawsuit. Unfortunately, that may not be the case,...
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When in Doubt, Report Your Claim After a Major Storm Event

In our line of work, we commonly hear the following concerns (and others) from homeowners about making a claim with their insurance company: I didn’t make a claim because I don’t think the damages will meet or exceed my hurricane deductible. I didn’t make a claim because I can just repair it myself. I didn’t make a claim because I did not want my insurance premiums to go up. I didn’t make a claim because I did not want my...
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Damage to Your Home? 10 Tips For Filing A Homeowner’s Insurance Claim

No one wants to think that a hurricane or other disaster will ever happen to them, but when disaster does strike your home, do you know what to do? Once the disaster is over, and you’ve made sure that your loved ones are safe, the next important step is to file a homeowner’s insurance claim. Here are 10 tips for filing the claim. 1. Contact your homeowner’s insurance company. Report the loss to your insurance company as soon as possible....
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My Property Insurance Claim Was Denied. What Next?

Property insurance is designed to protect our homes, businesses and property in worst-case scenarios. We all hope we never need to use it, but when natural disasters, fires and other property issues occur, we file a claim against the appropriate insurance policy. In a perfect world, your insurance company approves the claim and pays promptly. In reality, you may open an envelope to find your property insurance claim was denied. If your property insurance claim was denied, you have options....
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Preparing for Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is predicted to make landfall in Florida on Monday as a Category 4 hurricane. Preparing for the storm and the subsequent insurance claim process is a reality facing many Floridians in Dorian’s path. Preparing for the difficulties in the claims process can be the difference between making a full or partial recovery from your insurance company. The following guidelines will help you in the claims process. Review your insurance policy for coverage limits and the windstorm deductible. Keep...
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