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Is Your Hurricane Michael Claim Resolved?

This week marks the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Michael. Many businesses and homeowners are still working to recover from the devastation left by the Category 5 storm. You might have filed one or more of the many types of property insurance claims to recover from your losses. Or you might have been focused on recovery...
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Preparing for Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is predicted to make landfall in Florida on Monday as a Category 4 hurricane. Preparing for the storm and the subsequent insurance claim process is a reality facing many Floridians in Dorian’s path. Preparing for the difficulties in the claims process can be the difference between making a full or partial recovery from...
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Types of Property Insurance Claims

We all hope the worst never happens to your property or business. But if it does, property insurance is designed to help you recover. However, insurance companies don’t always pay their fair share of the claim. Instead, insurance companies deny valid claims, purposely delay payment, underpay or only pay a portion of what they owe....
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Filing A Complaint Against Your FL Homeowners Insurance Company

It’s been four months since Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida panhandle and things are not getting easier for homeowners. Many people have started to voice their frustrations about “lowball” settlements. In less than 30 days after the storm, more than 100 complaints had been filed against insurance companies. Many of those were related to denials....
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