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Published articles by Danahy and Murray

I filed my Hurricane Irma claim…now what?

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation reports that as of January 5, 2018, approximately 83% of Hurricane Irma claims have been “closed.” However, just because the insurance company closed its file does not mean that you have been made whole for your loss. Many Florida homeowners still haven’t been paid for all of their covered damages, or worse, their claims have been improperly denied. Of course, the first step is to report your claim as soon as you observe or suspect...
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How does my hurricane insurance deductible work?

Your insurance policy has a “deductible” that you are responsible for when your home or business suffers a covered loss. Depending on your Policy and the type of loss, the deductible will be a fixed amount or a percentage of the coverage limits (e.g. $1,000 or 5%). The purpose of the deductible is so that you share in the loss. For example, let’s say your home sustains damages of $30,000 from a broken pipe. If your deductible is $5,000, the...
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What is “Debris Removal” coverage?

Most insurance policies have an “additional coverage” known as debris removal for amounts you incur to remove damaged property. If your home is damaged by a covered fire loss, and your insurance policy provides debris removal coverage, the insurance company must pay the cost you incur for removal of the burned remains of your home. Similarly, if your home is damaged by a covered water loss, the insurance company must pay the cost you incur to remove and dispose of...
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Why Talk About My Hurricane Irma Claim Now

As we put Hurricane Irma in our rearview mirror, Florida must move forward by dealing with the harsh reality of the storm’s aftermath. For those with storm-related damages, this requires filing claims with their property insurance carriers. But when insureds do make a claim, they are often advised not to seek out attorneys or public adjusters to assist them with their claim. The faulty reason given is often that hiring an attorney or public adjuster to assist them will delay...
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What to do AFTER  Hurricane Irma

As of 11 a.m. this morning, the National Hurricane Center projects that Florida remains in the path of Hurricane Irma— which is currently a dangerous category 5 storm with sustained winds of 185mph. Florida residents should prepare their homes for the storm, gather food and supplies, and prepare an evacuation plan. It’s also important to take pictures of your home, contents, and other property to memorialize their condition and to locate your insurance policy. While safety preparations and other precautions...
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Don’t let your insurance company underpay your partial fire loss claim!

As a property owner, it is vital for you to understand the provisions of your insurance policy in order to determine if your loss is being adjusted properly and to confirm that the insurance company is paying exactly what it owes. You should also be aware of certain Florida laws which govern the manner in which payments should be made. One example of a special Florida law that impacts adjustment and payment is the law which applies if you suffer...
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