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Fire Damage

Our Florida insurance dispute attorneys can provide you with skillful and competent representation that helps resolve the claim with your insurance company

Fire Damage


Danahy & Murray, P.A. is an insurance law firm that specifically handles a wide range of insurance-related disputes in Florida and can provide you with legal assistance to help you make a full recovery.

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If your home or business is damaged by fire, the cause of a fire is usually the first question your insurance company will investigate. Your carrier will likely bring in a “cause and origin” expert to determine the cause of the fire.If the fire is determined to be intentionally set, the insurance company will also consider whether you had a financial motive to cause the fire and whether you had opportunities to start the fire.

Danahy & Murray is well-versed in handling insurance claims which result from fire. Our Florida insurance dispute attorneys can provide you with the skillful and competent representation that helps resolve the claim with your insurance company.

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What to do After a Fire

Fires can cause serious damage. By following a few simple steps, and retaining the services of our experienced lawyers, you can create a solid insurance case to get you compensation for your loss.

To properly prepare your insurance claim, make sure you do the following:

  • Photograph the damage
  • Protect the property to prevent further damage
  • Report the damages to your insurance agent or agency as soon as possible
  • Save receipts that reflect any work that you’ve done in an attempt to protect the property
  • Prepare for the insurance company’s claims adjuster’s visit and inspection of your property. Make sure that you have an extra copy of all documents involved in the claim, including receipts and photographs
  • Document your claim and keep notes when you speak to your insurance agency
  • Work with others, such as neighbors, who may have had the same problem and have reports or documentation of such problems. This can be used by your attorney to help win your case
  • Find or request a copy of your insurance policy from your agent or your insurance company

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