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Hail Storm Claim – $30,000.00

Our clients purchased a replacement cost homeowners insurance policy. Their roof sustained hail damage during a storm event. The insurance company hired an engineer to inspect the roof who determined that the roof had sustained less than 1% damage. After filing suit for breach of contract, a settlement was reached which provided a payment to allow the insured to replace their entire roof which had been damaged as a result of the hail.

Windstorm Claim, Condominium Building – $1,100,000.00

Our client’s condominium association buildings in North Palm Beach, Florida were severely damaged by hurricane force winds. Lawsuits were filed against the Insurance Company who refused to properly pay the full amount of the claim when presented. The claim and lawsuits were successful resolved for the client.

Sinkhole Claim – $680,000.00

Our client, a local church, filed a sinkhole claim with its insurance company who investigated the damages and denied the claim. After a multi-count lawsuit was filed and litigated, the lawsuit and claims were resolved for payments totaling $680,000.

Vehicle Impact Claim – Confidential Amount

Danahy & Murray obtained a confidential settlement against an insurer on behalf of an insured business which had sustained property damage and lost income when a car drove into the business property. The insurance company for the business had failed to pay any amount of damages on the claim for a year at the time suit was filed. The confidential settlement included payment of the full amount of the insured’s contract damages as well as attorney’s fees and costs. This settlement also included payment of significant damages to the insured to release its “bad faith” claim against the insurer for its wrongful conduct.

Plumbing Claim – $175,000.00

Danahy & Murray were retained to represent a commercial condominium association which had suffered significate damage from an overflow of a drain from a blockage. The insurance company disclaimed any and all coverage that pertained to the incident. After the filing a suit and a short term of intense litigation, the claim was brought to conclusion for payments totaling $175,000.

Agency Negligence, Vandalism and Breach of Contract – $152,000.00

Danahy & Murray made a joint recovery for on our client against his homeowner’s insurance company and his insurance agent for Negligence and Breach of the Insurance Contract. The insurance company and agent denied the claims for damages to the home as a result of vandalism alleging misrepresentations on the homeowner’s application for insurance. After a detailed process and depositions, the agent and insurance company resolved the cases with a favorable resolution for our client.

Bad Faith Claim – $350,000.00

Our client filed suit for Bad Faith and Claims of Violation of Florida Unfair Insurance Trade Practice Act per Florida Statutes §626.9541 and §624.155. The claim arouse from underlying hurricane claim wherein the insurance company refused to provide the full amount of coverage and pay the full amount of hurricane damages the Insured was entitled to under the policy.

Life Insurance Claim, Accelerated Death Benefit Claim – Policy Limits Payment

Our client was diagnosed with a terminal recurrent brain tumor. Due to the terminal illness diagnosis, our client sought to activate the accelerated death benefits from his life insurance company. After submitting the claim, the Insurance Company denied the claim indicating the condition was not terminal. Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, policy limits were paid by the Insurance Company, as well as amounts for attorney’s fees and court costs.

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